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Renovating a kitchen can be both time-consuming and costly if not done by a consummate professional. At Joud Construction, we create custom plans to renovate and redesign your kitchen to be functional and beautiful, optimizing space and layouts to produce the perfect focal point for your home. When renovating a property, our expertise in architecture and design helps guide you through the entire process, from selecting cost-effective yet high-end materials to choosing the perfect paint color to complement the features of the home.  



Today’s modern bathrooms are more than just functional; they are personal sanctuaries, quiet places to escape and relax. At Joud Construction, we provide our clients with the finest materials, from faucets to soaker tubs, to handcraft a bathroom where you’ll feel like you are being pampered at an upscale hotel spa in your own home. Sophistication and style can be affordable and timeless. 



Landscape design is one of the most important parts of a home. At Joud Construction, we can help you build the ideal outdoor space to experience the tranquil energy of a serene water feature, a pool with tropical foliage, a drought-conscious desert-style garden, or a blend of each. Every unique space will cater to our client’s personal preference. We will create an inviting oasis designed to reflect the beauty of nature in an outdoor space where you can relax, unwind, and escape to your own private paradise. 

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