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1414 Dunning Dr

This stunning and sleek cutting-edge property embodies bold design using clean lines and rustic elements combined to create a modern Zen-like home overlooking the lights of Laguna Beach. This house was built using premium materials showcasing contemporary luxury and high-end style. 

The Nelson’s Project

5721 Winchester Ct

This striking Mediterranean Villa reflects traditional Italian-influenced architecture on the exterior, using classic elements with subtle nuances to create the gorgeous and impressive curb appeal. Inside, a blend of warm textures, colors, accents, and built-ins evoke a relaxed and tranquil living space. 

20131 Grove Street

5922 Grandview

This charming property showcases traditional American architecture with a modern spin. This custom home incorporates two different styles juxtaposing timeless looks with cutting-edge design, creating an inviting yet functional and state-of-the-art property. 

The Jefferson’s Lake House
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